Adonius D. Johnson is a Transformational Success Coach driven to help leaders and organizations harness the power of human capital. As the founder of Invisible Crown, Inc., Adonius and his team have helped thousands achieve excellence with actionable tools for fostering creativity, collaboration, and harmony.
In his more than 20 years as a successful entrepreneur, Adonius has witnessed how commonly accepted mindsets (“That’s just how I am” and “But we’ve always done it this way”) can hinder progress and possibilities. His comprehensive training program helps clients unlearn these detrimental narratives and relearn how to innovate on the path to reaching their potential. With his life-smart teaching methods, Adonius promotes relational literacy as a key component of forward-thinking executive and organizational development.
Released in 2015 and now available in 15 translations, Adonius’ debut book I AM MY LIFE COACH is recognized internationally as a blueprint for beginning with the end in mind and leveraging self-awareness for tangible results. As a sought-after thought leader, mentor, and coach, Adonius has led workshops for such organizations as Chicago Public Schools (the third-largest school district in the nation), the historic Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, and the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice. He was recently nominated by U.S. Congressman Danny K. Davis for the Fatherhood Award in recognition of his outstanding mentorship work.
Adonius is the host of the Alternative Route podcast, where he engages in restorative and empowering conversations.